Sun Dogs

A rare weather event that causes a phantom sun in a halo (on the left side of the picture) also considered a mock sun.

It’s caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals which act as prisms to deflect light in a halo effect.

Sun dog
Sun dog

They can be seen anywhere in the world and at any time.  They have muted colors that overlap. Usually red towards the sun with a white arc of 22°.

Sound Sensitivity

Sound sensitivity is an actual medical condition called hyperacousis. Certain sounds can be unpleasant or painful to a person’s ears but not to others.  Symptoms may include ear pain, annoyance, and general intolerance to certain sounds or frequencies. It is often common with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Some people can feel nausea, dizziness or loss of balance.

Cover-up cafe
Cover-up cafe

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Changing Bad Habits

Habits are ingrained into our neural pathways making them very difficult to break. I have a few habits that I would like to change, so I’m going to make a list of ways to do this. Good habits can be learned to replace bad ones.At work I like to do things the same way each time as much as I can. This way when something happens and I’m under pressure I can go  on ‘auto pilot’ so to speak. This lessens the stress and allows me to handle difficult situations easier. Habits are a cue, routine and a reward.

Go! You can do it!

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