Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

Easy Composting in 3 steps

1.  Dig a hole, add organic material and cover it up.  Garden waste, lawn clippings,  small sticks, egg shells, vegetable matter and coffee grinds are excellent compost material.  No meat scraps, no carnivorous animal scraps (they can add worms).





2. Add fertilizer. It takes nitrogen to make nitrogen. Although you can skip this step it’s recommended to speed up the process.  All organic skip this step.




3. Add water if needed.  Water is needed to help break down the organic materials.




Fun Fact: Buffalo Chips were collected when the wagon trains moved west across the plains to burn for heat and cooking. Although these are free range cattle chips, they are very similar.





This is the easiest way to compost, esp. if you’re in a dry climate. It may take longer than traditional methods to break down but it’s the easiest way.   #compost#gardening#buffalochips