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RVing on a Budget

I gathered together some great ideas on saving money while you’re on vacation or traveling around in your RV.  It’s always nice to have a little extra cash on hand.

#1. Camping on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land is often cheaper and a nice alternative to regular camping facilities.  Some camp sites are primitive so it’s a good idea to check ahead of time to see what amenities are available.  They are often in very scenic areas and would provide a unique experience.                                                                                             http://mayoddsandends.com/BLM


#2. Getting a National Park Pass can allow you access for 1 years worth of visits.  It’s inexpensive and worth the money if you’ll be traveling around.  http://mayoddsandends.com/National Park Service

#3. Golden Age Passport (if you’re 62yrs or older). This allows for reduced fees at a lot of campgrounds.  There is a one time fee of $10. There is a lifetime pass if you’re disabled.They also have a Volunteer pass (special requirements 250 hours of service).   http://mayoddsandends.com/Passport


#4. Farmer’s Markets often have great deals on locally grown produce.  Plus you’re helping the local economy! A win-win situation. Watch for those road side stands!

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#5. Walmart has an open door policy for any RVs to park in their parking lot! You can save a lot by stopping there on your way to your final destination. It’s also easy to get those forgotten items, or just to stock up.

#6. If you can afford to, use solar. It’ll pay for itself in a short amount of time.  Industries have made a lot of improvements on the quality and function of solar panels.  Other campers would also appreciate the lack of noise pollution.

#7. Fishing license.  If you like fish you can save a lot on meals by catching your own. It’s also a great pastime while you’re camping. A lot of lakes are stocked making fishing a lot of fun. Often children can fish for free! A good time to learn how to fly fish or to just try something different.




#8. Yearly pass. Some states like New Mexico offer a yearly pass for campers. If you’re planning to camp for more than a couple of weeks, it’ll pay for itself in fees.  You pay only for extras (like electricity).

#9. Join an RV club. A lot of clubs offer discounts and services. AAA has camp ground listings and tour books. They also have RV towing.                   http://mayoddsandends.com/AAA


Most of all just have fun! Do you have any money saving ideas? I’d like to hear them.