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Garden Broom Review

The garden broom is an awesome tool. It’s a cross between a broom and a rake.  Just looking at makes you think of decor, Halloween and witches! It’s 100%  environmentally friendly.



The tines are made from branches of the coconut tree and tied together by coir which is part of the coconut husk.


It’s extremely sturdy and works great.  I tried it raking leaves  and debris in the grass and it worked better than a rake.

We get a lot tumbleweeds here in the high desert and the little thorns go everywhere when the wind blows. The pets get the worst of it, always having to pick them out of their paws. This broom is great for sweeping them off the trail.



I was having so much fun sweeping, I couldn’t resist doodling in the sand with it!  A little Zen moment.

This would make an awesome home warming gift! If you want to get one, here’s the webpage:

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation can save time and money.  It’s a simple and cost effective way to water your garden, trees and shrubs.

Wendel, CA 980


It minimizes water usage without sacrificing growth to your plants. Set-up is easy and inexpensive.

Wendel, CA 1021

There is less chance for your plants to get scorched from the sun, because water is delivered to the base of the plants.   It’s easy to add liquid fertilizer through the drip line.    Anyone that’s used a garden hose to water their plants knows what a chore it can become.  If you’ve ever played with a train set as a child, you can do this! It’s as simple as laying down tracks!


Wendel, CA 1233

Watering trees and shrubs can be done using a soaker hose in a circle around the base.  Or for a more eye appealing look, you can use small sprinkler type emitters. Birds seem to love them.  The emitters can be adjusted by a twist on cap allowing for precise delivery.

Link for Dripworks:

We found drip works to be an easy company to assist you in your gardening needs. People were pleasant and patient with all our questions.



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Easy Composting in 3 steps

1.  Dig a hole, add organic material and cover it up.  Garden waste, lawn clippings,  small sticks, egg shells, vegetable matter and coffee grinds are excellent compost material.  No meat scraps, no carnivorous animal scraps (they can add worms).





2. Add fertilizer. It takes nitrogen to make nitrogen. Although you can skip this step it’s recommended to speed up the process.  All organic skip this step.




3. Add water if needed.  Water is needed to help break down the organic materials.




Fun Fact: Buffalo Chips were collected when the wagon trains moved west across the plains to burn for heat and cooking. Although these are free range cattle chips, they are very similar.





This is the easiest way to compost, esp. if you’re in a dry climate. It may take longer than traditional methods to break down but it’s the easiest way.   #compost#gardening#buffalochips