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Changing Bad Habits

Habits are ingrained into our neural pathways making them very difficult to break. I have a few habits that I would like to change, so I’m going to make a list of ways to do this. Good habits can be learned to replace bad ones.At work I like to do things the same way each time as much as I can. This way when something happens and I’m under pressure I can go  on ‘auto pilot’ so to speak. This lessens the stress and allows me to handle difficult situations easier. Habits are a cue, routine and a reward.

Go! You can do it!

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Setting Goals, Trick your mind

Instead of stating goals in years research has found by breaking down the time to days makes it easier to do. Or if you break it down to months, weeks, or minutes.
Take exercise for example. If you state I’ll do 5 minutes of exercise each day, it seems easier and doable. Then because you’ve done your 5 minutes and it didn’t seem long at all you may find yourself feeling like doing more! Just because you set an easy and reasonable expectation down.

Flower garden
Flower garden

You might surprise yourself by accomplishing more easier. And we all like easy! Studies show that by looking at time in smaller units help us achieve our goals. Long term goals seem closer and appear to be more urgent.


By accomplishing our goals we improve our sense of self. We improve our lives and make things easier. I like to make things simple. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

What things have you accomplished? Or what do you need to?