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Garden Broom Review

The garden broom is an awesome tool. It’s a cross between a broom and a rake.  Just looking at makes you think of decor, Halloween and witches! It’s 100%  environmentally friendly.



The tines are made from branches of the coconut tree and tied together by coir which is part of the coconut husk.


It’s extremely sturdy and works great.  I tried it raking leaves  and debris in the grass and it worked better than a rake.

We get a lot tumbleweeds here in the high desert and the little thorns go everywhere when the wind blows. The pets get the worst of it, always having to pick them out of their paws. This broom is great for sweeping them off the trail.



I was having so much fun sweeping, I couldn’t resist doodling in the sand with it!  A little Zen moment.

This would make an awesome home warming gift! If you want to get one, here’s the webpage:

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.