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The Great American Bird Count

From February 13-16th the great American Bird Count goes on around the world.  It’s a great time to get in touch with nature, count birds, enjoy the day and help science on its way! I find it very soothing to the soul to connect with nature.

Young, old, any age can participate. A great project for young students! It gives the scientists valuable information on migration patterns, distribution and number of various species of birds.

You’ll be helping to understand disease, effects of pollution and changing climate. A great way to enjoy the world around you!


Wendel, CA 1370

If you have a bird feeder you might be surprised at the number of birds that are around.  In very dry climates having water around is a big draw, they’ll even find a dripping hose! Different food types will draw different birds. Oranges for orioles, they also love jam and it’s a great way to get rid that extra old jam in the fridge.

Wendel, CA 642

In our area we can see lots of owls like this one shown above. Knowing more about preferred habitat in this case trees along the creek bottom can help you locate and observe kinds of wildlife. This same tree had a bobcat in it earlier this spring.  Owls can also be called in by phishing.

Lots of information can be found at this link to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Have you seen anything out of the ordinary at your place?