Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation can save time and money.  It’s a simple and cost effective way to water your garden, trees and shrubs.

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It minimizes water usage without sacrificing growth to your plants. Set-up is easy and inexpensive.

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There is less chance for your plants to get scorched from the sun, because water is delivered to the base of the plants.   It’s easy to add liquid fertilizer through the drip line.    Anyone that’s used a garden hose to water their plants knows what a chore it can become.  If you’ve ever played with a train set as a child, you can do this! It’s as simple as laying down tracks!


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Watering trees and shrubs can be done using a soaker hose in a circle around the base.  Or for a more eye appealing look, you can use small sprinkler type emitters. Birds seem to love them.  The emitters can be adjusted by a twist on cap allowing for precise delivery.

Link for Dripworks:  http://mayoddsandends.com/2zl5

We found drip works to be an easy company to assist you in your gardening needs. People were pleasant and patient with all our questions.



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