Easy $$ Ideas

Everyone could use a little extra cash! Here’s a few ways to earn it.


One of the best and easiest ways to get a few extra dollars. Using  it as your main search engine, shopping, daily poll, clipping coupons, surveys and watching video trailers make it the simplest to use. If you have a smart phone the app will let you know when there’s a code available. Codes usually have a very short time limit to redeem. Each swagbuck is worth approximately one cent.

Link: http://mayoddsandends.com/swagbucks


 Walmart App:

A phone app that checks your receipt against advertised prices at nearby stores and pays you the difference.



Phone app that lets you get money back for buying things you would normally.  Things like bread, milk and cereal.


Checkout 51:

Another phone app to get money back for buying groceries. Very similar to Ibotta.


Receipt Pal:

Another phone app that gives you money for turning in your receipts. Even the free books from Amazon can get you points! A win-win!


Saving star:

Another grocery type phone app. for things you would buy anyway.



A phone app associated with the weather channel, nexercise and various games. It’s a little time consuming but if you have the time and data you can earn a few bucks.


Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes:

People really do win. You can win small prizes easily. And you just never know when you might get a big prize!


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Have you won anything exciting? I love hearing about things people win!

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