Pain Relief News

Over 76 million people suffer from chronic pain, that’s a lot!


Researchers have found that spicy foods, specifically  the main ingredient in chili peppers capsaicin  interact in the body the same way that pain relief and anti-inflammatory processes do. So this will pave the way for more effective pain medications.

Cannabis is effective at relieving pain but according to some has too many side-effects. Cannabinoids are the natural chemicals found in cannabis and have receptors along the spinal cord that are effective in reducing osteoarthritis among other severe pain. They have anti-inflammatory effects.

Researchers have found the chronic pain area of the brain and the receptors that can be blocked by enzymes in mice. This may lead to better chronic pain relief. One step closer!

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is found to help chronic pain. It’s usually used for the bends (when divers surface too quickly) and has been determined to stimulate areas of the brain that affect chronic pain.

Anything  that decreases stress will help with pain relief. That’s why meditation can be effective for some people. Stress isn’t limited to mental processes, as diseases can stress the body too. What have you found to work?