Stressed Cat Relief

Is your cat stressed out by loud noises? New additions to the family? moving? There’s help available.  There’s a pheromone solution available to help.  When cats are happy they rub their face on their ‘safe’ places. There’s a little gland along their jaw that releases a facial pheromone.

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First determine if your cat is stressed. Common signs and symptoms of stress in cats include:

  • urine spraying
  • vertical scratching
  • appearing withdrawn
  • over or under grooming
  • tension between cats
  • excess vocalizations
  • anorexia or obesity

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Then look at things that can stress your cat, it may include:

  • loud noises (from wind, storms, fireworks, and equipment)
  • new environment
  • boarding
  • building work
  • new pet or baby


 Our story: We rescued a feral kitten abandoned by her mother. She was about the size of my phone.  Very aggressive personality, she was quite the fighter. We bought some powdered kitten formula and little bottles.  We named her Baby Boo (which means ‘small white pumpkin’).

I could wrap her in a washcloth like a baby in a baby blanket! Our other cats tried to teach her kitty things. Bringing her little mice (still alive I might add!) to teach her hunting skills and showing her how to catch them.

Although she learned a lot, she was still missing out on a lot kitty mannerisms.  She was showing a lot of the symptoms of stress but at the time there wasn’t anything that we were aware of to help. We started calling her Baby Boo Boo, as she would have temper tantrums and get very upset if she didn’t get her way! She left us with boo boos up and down our arms and legs!

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Then we discovered Feliway! What a wonderful product! You can use it as a spray or a diffuser. Whenever she acts up, we give her a little feliway and she’s mellow and sweet! Although she still has temper tantrums, she’s not nearly as aggressive as she was.


Spraying a little in a cat carrier can save you a lot of time if your cat doesn’t like to travel in one! They’ll go right into it! Using a facial pheromone to promote  a “safe” zone is the best way to minimize stress in your feline companions.  You can get it at Amazon or your  local veterinarian. A happy pet makes for a happy owner!

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